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Join a Circle

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Celebrated!

Women Supporting Women Circle is a space and opportunity to gather with like minded women, whom also crave connection, purpose, support, friendship, growth, compassion, positivity, and authenticity.

The space that we create together is through circle.  We gather virtually to witness each other just as we are.  This is an opportunity to truly be heard, be seen, and be celebrated. 

You're invited to a transformative experience that will leave you feeling grounded, connected, and inspired.  Take time for yourself and join a circle and begin your journey today.



The women’s circle I recently attended was outstanding. Amber’s facilitation was engaging, supportive and created connection among all the women in attendance. I left the circle feeling heard and with a clarity if intention.


I was delighted to be a participant int Amber’s Women’s Circle on Tuesday, June 23. The entire experience, from start to finish was transformative. Amber was very personable, making it easy to open up and connect to her and the other women in the circle. Amber took us through a short guided meditation then proceeded to provide various prompts that asked me to reflect on some big ideas that I might not normally take the time to think about. The entire experience was both relaxing and inspirational and made me feel more connected to my own femininity as well as others in the group. Thank you Amber for taking the time to be our guide and for oozing warmth and compassion and igniting a sense of curiosity, wonder and self-reflection in me!

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