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The beauty of Yoga Therapy, is that it is personalized.

One -to - One Sessions

A holistic approach to well-being

I believe in meeting each individual where they are at and supporting, empowering, educating, and guiding them safely towards improved health and well-being.

Everything we do in a session is collaborative, tailored to the client, and complimentary to their current care.

Some tools/practices used in sessions and in a client's Yoga Therapy plan are:  breathing techniques, therapeutic yoga postures, meditation, mantra, use of sound, and visualization.

Female Patient

Initial Yoga Therapy Session

The first session is 90 minutes.  This allows me time to get to know you,  complete an assessment and give you an initial personal yoga practice to take home.

Working Out at Home

Continuing Yoga Therapy Session

Yoga Therapy is a process.  In order for maximum benefits to take place,  a minimum of 3 sessions is suggested.  On going sessions are 60 minutes.

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