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Personalized, Profound, & Practical Support

for Stress Management, Pain Relief, & Mental Resilience

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Feeling out of balance?  And like you could use a reset?

Relax, reset, and restore to create space for new beginnings. This FREE offering will help you find ease and balance of body and mind. 


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Yoga Therapy

Receive a personalized plan to address your needs and goals.

Fun at Yoga


Connect and nourish your mind/body with like minded people.

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Corporate Wellness

The times call for innovative solutions to meet employees where they are at.

How it works

Book a session
Follow the plan
Start feeling like yourself again

Philosophy & Approach

I believe we are all whole, and don't need to be fixed.  However, stuff happens and we get stressed, experience pain or disease, and our essential nature gets burried.  But we don't have to continue to suffer or let the dis-ease define us.

I meet you where you are at, and collaborate with you to create a personalized plan and provide tools to meet your needs.  So stress can decrease, pain can be managed, disease can heal, and you can live a more joyful life.

Scroll through to see how the ancient wisdom of yoga can be therapeutically adapted to your life and bring you back to your true essence.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy adopts and integrates yoga practices and principles to the western medical model.  Yoga Therapists personalize practices and plans to the individual's needs.  I take in consideration all aspects of being human and support the whole person; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Waterside Women

A Yoga Therapist is a Healthcare Professional

Psychology Patient
I support my clients by:

Being a Lifestyle Manager

Regulating their Nervous System 

Aiding in Healthy Habit Changes

Symptom Management 

An Accountability Partner

Assist in Fostering Mental Resilience

About Me


Amber Page C-IAYT

Certified Yoga Therapist

 I've been supporting, teaching, and inspiring people in the Health & Wellness Industry for 18 years.


     I started teaching group fitness classes including while I was in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  After a few years I found my true passion was for Mind/Body classes and received my Yoga Teacher Certification in Chicago at YogaView in 2012.

     Even though I taught hundreds of classes and thousands of students, I still felt like there was more to yoga than just poses and meditation for the general public. 


     So I started researching and was elated when I found out about Yoga Therapy.  A year later, I moved to sunny Los Angeles, California and started studying Yoga Therapy at Loyola Marymount University and have earned my Yoga Therapy certification, C-IAYT.

     Utilizing the teachings and practices, of the ancient science of yoga, I collaborate with my clients and see them as a whole and complete person with their own inner wisdom and power to heal.

     I have a special interest in Mental Health and Women's Health.  I'm passionate about bringing people together in meaningful ways and have completed Sistership Circle Level 1 Facilitator Certification and am a Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher.  From facilitating women's circles, guiding group meditation, to working one-to-one with clients, it is my passion to support people on their journey towards ease, joy, and well-being.

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